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Attention Entrepreneurs/Investors – 5 Compelling Reasons to Set Up an Offshore Company

More and more business owners and private investors are realising the benefits of offshore company registration and if this is something you are considering, you have come to the right place, as we delve into the many benefits that come with offshore company registration.

  1. Minimise personal income tax – Perhaps the most attractive reason for offshore company registration is the low personal income tax rates. Talk to a leading international law firm with extensive hands-on experience setting up offshore businesses for their many clients; you can schedule a free 30-minute Zoom call to discuss your needs.
  2. Protection against litigation – Setting up an offshore company offers you protection against litigation, while as a shareholder, you can remain anonymous. Let’s be frank here; the Panama Papers revealed what influential people do with their money to avoid taxation and if they can explore loopholes, why can’t you?
  3. Privacy – Some people do not want the world to know that have shares in foreign countries and when you are a shareholder/director in an offshore company, you are anonymous. This may or may not be something that interests you, but if it does, an experienced international lawyer can facilitate the company formation. Click here for business success tips from the professionals.
  4. Avoid capital gains tax (CGT) – Every nation has its own rules and regulations regarding CGT and when you engage the services of an international business lawyer, he or she can advise you on the best global locations for company formation. No one wants to pay any more tax than the absolute minimum and by registering a company offshore, you can avoid CGT and pay minimal (or none) personal income tax.
  5. Citizenship – Some countries offer foreign investors the chance to apply to be a citizen of that country; there are many benefits to dual citizenship and to discover which nations offer such a thing, talk to a leading international business lawyer. As a citizen, you can enjoy the attractive low tax benefits and you obviously do not need a visa when visiting, or indeed residing in the foreign country.

The World Wide Web hosts a wealth of valuable information for those wishing to set up an offshore company and by talking to a legal specialist, you can receive the best advice regarding setting up an offshore company.

The various regions where offshore company registration is possible includes:

  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific region
  • Americas
  • Indian Ocean
  • Middle East

Start by sourcing a leading international law firm with experience setting up offshore companies and they can answer any questions that you might have regarding all aspects of registering a business in a foreign country.

You can share a free Zoom call with a lawyer and this should lead to formulating a plan and when you prepare the documents, the lawyer can start to process the application and you can enjoy the many benefits.

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