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Common Mistakes That Reduce the Life of a Watch

If watches could talk, they’d probably grumble about the rough and tumble of daily wear. Similarly, watch enthusiasts might not realise that they’re inadvertently cutting short their timepieces’ vitality with routine errors.

Here, we’ll unravel the specific missteps to avoid and offer pragmatic prowess to those who love their wrist companions. Whether it’s the heirloom in your collection or the new piece that tickles your fancy, these insights will ensure your watch has a longer and tick-tock-of-the-town life.

Setting it Straight: Improper Storage

If you think tossing your watch into a sock drawer is keeping it safely stored, you may need a Winder instead. Improper storage doesn’t just mean the loss of that warranty charm but also risks knocking the movement out of alignment. Remember, watches have a beating heart and keeping it still unnecessarily is watch-sin in itself.

How should you store your prized quartz or mechanical marvels, you ask? Firstly, keep them away from direct sunlight, which can fade dials and affect lubricants. Secondly, ensure your storage spot is stable, avoiding sudden jarring moves or accidental bumping. Finally, invest in good watch boxes in the UAE, one that’s as protective as it is pretty.

Water Into Wine, Not Into Watches

Watches and water have a particularly volatile relationship, akin to that of cats and a certain yellow fruit. A moment’s indiscretion can mean permanent damage.

What to watch out for? Resist the temptation to keep your watch on in every aquatic adventure. Even those rated for water resistance can’t stand the test of time in all situations. And don’t forget that hot showers can weaken seals meant to keep water out.

Invest in a proper diver’s watch if you’re a maritime masker and always check the resistance level. When in doubt, keep it dry as British humour.

Service with a Smile (or Ticking Would Be Fine)

You might adore your watch, but love alone cannot lubricate its gears or polish its pivots. Neglecting routine servicing is like skipping your annual check-up – it can lead to major malfunctions or, in the case of a watch, stoppage.

Most watches need a trip to the horologist every 3 to 5 years for this TLC. These check-ups can prevent more costly repairs down the line, highlighting any issues in the budding phase. You service your car, don’t you? Well, your watch deserves the same respect.

Handling Your Time With Care

We’re not suggesting you treat your watch like glass, but a little care goes a long way – literally. Avoid constant exposure to strong magnets, store it wrapped in a towel if you’re near MRI machines often, and be cautious with rough physical activities that could jar the movement.

Also, remember to wind mechanical watches gently, don’t over-tighten the crown, and if you have a screw-down crown, always secure it before washing your hands. Your watch will reward you for this diligent dance of handling it properly.

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