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Hero Connect: Know Its Features, Registration And Login, Process


Hero Connect is an inventive app and online entryway presented by Hero MotorCorp, the pioneering bike organization, at a reasonable cost of Rs. 4,999. It denotes the organization’s pioneering attempt to offer connectivity elements to its clients, making it the first in the business to do so. This stage saddles trend-setting innovation to give a scope of advantages to riders, including upgraded well-being, convenience, security, and an insightful riding experience.

Understanding Hero Connect

One of the critical benefits of Hero Connect is its capacity to lay out a consistent connection between the bike and the client’s cell phone. In case of a mishap or other ominous conditions, the app automatically sends notifications, SMS messages, and cautions to the crisis contacts enrolled by the vehicle’s proprietor. This proactive element guarantees immediate and appropriate actions can be taken, advancing rider security and prosperity.

The Hero Connect app offers a variety of highlights intended to improve the general riding experience. Clients can appreciate live following, which permits them to monitor their bicycle’s whereabouts continuously. Additionally, speed cautions inform riders on the off chance that they surpass predefined speed limits, while overturn cautions give admonitions assuming the bicycle slants beyond a specific point. The geo-wall-ready framework guarantees that clients are expeditiously advised assuming their bicycle enters or exits pre-characterized topographical limits.

Also, Its gives clients important excursion information. They can get to information, for example, the beginning and ending points of their journeys, details on speed, location history, time taken, and all-out distance covered. These highlights engage riders with experiences that empower them to enhance their riding propensities, further develop productivity, and pursue informed choices.

Key Features of Hero Connect

  • Hero Connect offers a large number of features that focus on the well-being and security of its clients. These features are intended to give a consistent and safeguarded insight. A few key features of Hero Connect include:
  • Live Tracking: Clients can partake in the advantages of constant tracking, allowing them to monitor their bicycle’s exact location, speed, time taken, and course details.
  • Unauthorized Movement Alerts: In the event of unapproved bicycle development, the app immediately sends notifications and SMS alarms to enrolled crisis contacts, ensuring fast action can be taken to alleviate any likely dangers.
  • Accident Notifications: Hero Connect is furnished with an automatic SMS and notification framework that cautions crisis contacts in case of a mishap or comparable basic situations, enabling brief help.
  • Trip Analysis: Clients can get to far-reaching trip examination, providing point-by-point information on distance spent during trips, as well as course histories spanning as long as six months. This component engages riders with important insights for optimizing their movement encounters.
  • Venture Details: Hero Connect empowers clients to easily get information about their starting point, end point, and other pertinent details of their movements, enhancing convenience and facilitating productive outing planning.
  • The pricing for Hero Connect remains at a reasonable pace of Rs. 4,999, ensuring openness for a great many clients.

How do I register on the Hero Connect platform?

Hero Connect app is an internet-based management tool that is designed for MotoCorp dealers. The software helps in inventory management, sales, and sales records, and managing customer relationships. But to use it , users need to sign up on it. Here is a guide to signing up on it:

  1. Visit the internet browser of your choice.
  2. Enter hero connect registration on the search bar.
  3. Select the official URL of hero moto corp.
  4. Enter your details such as name, dealership name, address, email address, and phone number.

Once you’ve successfully registered, keep your details secure. These credentials can be aobtainedwhen you’re registering on Hero Motocorp.

How To Login into Hero Connect?

  1. Logging in to Hero Connect is a straightforward cycle that involves the following advances:
  1. Open the Hero Connect app on your cell phone. On the other hand, you can get to the Hero Connect page by searching for it on famous browsers like Google.
  1. Once you have gotten to the app or page, enter your username to continue with the login interaction.
  1. In the wake of providing your username, enter your password and snap on the login button.
  1. The login cycle will start, and within seconds, you will be effectively logged in to your Hero Connect account.

How does Hero Connect DMS work?

As you all know, we punch inquiries in our Hero Connect App or our Hero DMS, we will not talk about how to punch inquiries in this article, we have already told you about the process of punching inquiries. We call inquiry in the general sense that as a customer showed us interest to buy any bike or scooter of our Hero, we will put his name, address and mobile number in our Hero DMS. Along with the number, the model shown by him and the date on which the customer is telling the date of taking the bike or e-scooter, he punches it in his DMS, even though the whole process is called inquiry.

Resetting Your Hero Connect Account Password

  1. In the event that you experience trouble logging in to your Hero Connect account and need to reset your password, you can undoubtedly do so by following these basic steps:
  1. Open the Hero Connect app on your cell phone. On the off chance that you don’t have the app installed, you can straightforwardly get to the Hero Connect page by searching for “Hero Connect”.
  1. On the page, find the “Forgot Password” option on the furthest left side in a distinctive purple tone and snap on it.
  1. Give the necessary information, including your Hero Connect gateway username and the last four digits of your cell phone.
  1. Click on the “Submit” button situated on the furthest right side at the bottom in blue tone.
  1. A processing stage will initiate, and you will get an OTP (One-Time Password) either by means of email or your enlisted cell phone number.
  1. Enter the OTP you got and continue to reset your password, ensuring a protected and convenient admittance to your Hero Connect account.

Benefits of Hero Connect App

There are several benefits of hero connect and they are listed below:

  • It calculates the distance traveled and time taken and stores data of the last six months.
  • It has safety and topple alert whenever the vehicle topples.  
  • The app even notifies and sends sms to the registered number.
  • It even gives a speed alert, when never the speed is surpassed.
  • It does live tracking and provides information about the vehicle path.
  • It also offers a Geofence alert option, i.e. it alerts users when the vehicle starts and reaches its final destination.


In conclusion, Hero Connect, introduced by Hero MotoCorp, is a groundbreaking app and gateway that improves wellbeing and security for bike riders. Its features, for example, sending SMS and notifications to crisis contacts, empower quick action in basic situations. Clients can likewise get to important information like speed, travel duration, trip history, and the sky is the limit from there. We trust this article has given valuable insights, and we invite any suggestions or inquiries you might have regarding this assistance.

5 FAQs

1. What is Hero Connect?

Hero Connect is an innovative app and online portal created by Hero MotoCorp that provides connectivity features and enhanced safety for bike riders.

2. How does Hero Connect enhance rider safety?

Hero Connect enhances rider safety by providing features, for example, automatic accident notifications, unauthorized development alarms, and live tracking, enabling brief assistance and action in critical situations.

3. What features does Hero Connect offer?

Hero Connect offers features like live tracking of the bike’s location, speed, and course details, trip analysis with distance voyaged, starting and ending point details, and SMS notifications to registered crisis contacts.

4. How can I access my trip history on Hero Connect?

Clients can easily access their trip history on Hero Connect through the app or online portal, where they can view details, for example, distance voyaged, course history, and other pertinent trip information.

5. How can I provide feedback or ask questions about Hero Connect?

To provide feedback or ask questions about Hero Connect, clients can contact the Hero MotoCorp support group through their official website or contact their customer service helpline for assistance.

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