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How to Create the Ultimate Low-Maintenance Garden

If you have just picked up the keys to your very first house, the chances are the back yard is a flat piece of land with a fence around the perimeter, which is the perfect foundation for whatever design you choose. In this short article, we take a look at how to create a low-maintenance garden.

Synthetic grass

There is pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs that requires zero maintenance and that should be the centrepiece; imagine never having to mow your lawn! Your dog won’t be able to dig holes in your artificial grass, nor would he want to. The grass length is 30mm, which is nice and soft underfoot, leaving your lawn looking great!

Composite decking

Of course, you want a solid area for rest and relaxation and by using a faux woodgrain composite, there is no maintenance with your deck. Search online for an Australian timber supplier and they will stock Trex decking. The harsh Australian climate doesn’t faze composite decking and you can look forward to many years of trouble-free use. If building a deck sounds like a daunting project, talk to a local landscape gardener, who is more than capable of such a project.


Concrete definitely has a place in the modern garden for areas that are neither grass or soil. Pathways and driveways are ideally suited for concrete, which is, of course, maintenance-free. You could order a water fountain as a central feature, which adds some character to the space.

Plant pots

Many Australian homeowners prefer to have their trees and shrubs in large pots, which makes it easy to clean the yard, a high-pressure hose is all you need. Your local nursery would stock clay plant pots of all sizes. Click here for home improvement ideas.

Evergreen trees

If you don’t like collecting leaves, or plant evergreens; visit your local nursery and check out the amazing trees and shrubs they have on offer. You can create screens with small conifers and over the years, you can shape them to your liking.

Start with a large floor plan that is to scale and plan each segment of your outdoor living space, which will be your guideline. If you think your landscaping skills are not up to it, you can hire a local contractor to create the perfect relaxation area; give him a budget, your concept and he can deliver.

The deck would be the first project; you may have to remove topsoil, which can be used in other parts of the garden and once the deck is complete, you can level the ground ready for the artificial grass, which would be installed by the supplier. Synthetic grass is guaranteed for 8 years and no matter how big your dog is, he won’t be able to dig up your lawn.

Once your low-maintenance garden is finished, you only need to sweep now and then and pull out the odd weed and trim the hedgerows. With very little maintenance to do, you have more time to enjoy your free time relaxing in your garden.

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