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Ines Rau: The Trailblazing Model Redefining Beauty Standards

The first openly transgender Playmate for Playboy magazine is French model, actor, and activist Ines Rau. Additionally, she has collaborated with well-known companies and designers like Maison Margiela, Nicole Miller, and Balmain, and she has been featured in illustrious publications like Vogue Italia. Here is her illuminating tale of bravery, grace, and achievement.

Ines Rau Early life and transition

A French mother and an Algerian father gave birth to Rau in Paris in 1990. She was aware of her differences from other guys at a young age and felt more at ease expressing herself as a girl. She took inspiration from the biography of Caroline “Tula” Cossey, an English trans model who was outed against her will and eventually made a comeback in Playboy in 1991.

With the help of her parents, Rau made the decision to transition and underwent gender-affirming surgery at the age of 16. She claimed that it was the best choice she had ever made and that the results left her feeling liberated and content. In addition, she switched from Ines-Loan to Ines.

Ines Rau Career and breakthrough 

Ines Rau Career and breakthrough 

Rau started performing for DJs when she was 18 years old, and it was there that she first encountered David Guetta. In addition, she started modelling for photographers and magazines. However, she kept her transsexual identity a secret out of concern for discrimination and rejection.

She came out as transgender in 2013 at the age of 23, when she posed naked with Tyson Beckford for a photoshoot in the French luxury publication OOB. She stated that she wants to encourage other transgender persons to live their truths by being open and proud of who they are.

When Cooper Hefner, the son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, announced in October 2017 that Rau will be the “Playmate of the Month” in the magazine’s November/December 2017 issue, Rau became the first openly transgender woman to be featured in this role. Hefner compared the decision to use Rau to his father’s 1965 Playmate selection of Jennifer Jackson, the first African-American model to appear in Playboy.

Rau remarked that becoming a Playmate was a dream come true and that she was grateful and honoured to have the chance. She added that she wants to utilize her position to fight for the rights and dignity of the trans community as well as to increase awareness of and exposure for the group.

Activism and personal life

Rau has been outspoken in her support of transgender rights and has taken part in a number of initiatives and gatherings to promote trans concerns. In a 2016 Sept à Huit news segment about her life, she made an appearance. In 2018, Ines Rau also spoke on International Women’s Day at the UN’s headquarters in New York City.

Several celebrities, notably French soccer player Kylian Mbappe, who supposedly broke up with his trans girlfriend and began dating a PSG player’s ex-girlfriend, have been romantically linked to Rau. Although Rau hasn’t explicitly verified or refuted these claims, she has stated that she is open to love and doesn’t give a damn about labels or gender.

Ines Rau Net Worth

According to estimates, Ines Rau is worth $2 million. Other publications, however, offer various estimations that range from $100,000 to $5 million. Rau has made a living as a model, actress, and activist. She has worked with a number of well-known fashion designers and brands and has been featured in top publications like Playboy and Vogue. 

Social Handles

Inеs Rau is activе on a numbеr of social mеdia sitеs,  whеrе shе posts bits and piеcеs about hеr pеrsonal and professional livеs as wеll as hеr opinions on divеrsity and gеndеr problеms.  She has a sizable and devoted following who appreciate her work and bravеry.  The following arе somе of Inеs Rau’s social mеdia handlеs and intеrnеt profilеs:

  • @supa_inеs has 1. 1 million followers on Instagram. 
  • @supa_inеs (10. 8K followers) on Twittеr
  • Inеs Rau has 7. 6K Facеbook fans. 
  • Inеs Rau has 1, 13K YouTubе subscribеrs. 
  • Inеs Rau (portfolio and bio) at Modеls. com m


As the first openly transgеndеr Playmate for Playboy magazine,  Inеs Rau is a trailblazing transgеndеr modеl who has madе history.  Shе has also been featured in important publications likе Voguе Italia and collaboratеd with well-known companies and dеsignеrs including Maison Margiеla,  Nicolе Millеr,  and Balmain.  Shе has fought for thе rights and dignity of thе trans community and brought attention to it by using hеr platform.  Many pеoplе all ovеr thе world look up to hеr as an еxamplе of bravеry,  gracе,  and accomplishmеnt,  particularly thosе who idеntify as non-binary or transgеndеr.  She has demonstrated that pleasure and fulfilment comе from being genuine to onеsеlf,  and that divеrsity is something to accеpt and appreciate.

FAQs At Ines Rau

1. When and where were Ines Rau’s birthplaces?

In 1990, Ines Rau was born in Paris.

2. Ines Rau transitioned at the age of 16; what was the catalyst?

Caroline “Tula” Cossey, an English trans model who was outed against her will and then made a comeback in Playboy in 1991, served as the inspiration for Ines Rau’s life.

3. Ines Rau was the first openly transgender Playmate in 2017. What was the name of the Playboy spread that featured her?

“Playmate of the Month” was the subtitle of the Playboy spread.

4. What are some of the companies and fashion houses that Ines Rau has modelled for?

Ines Rau has collaborated with a number of companies and designers, including Balmain, Nicole Miller, Maison Margiela, Alexis Bittar, and Barneys New York.

5. Ines Rau is an activist. What are some of the causes she backs?

A few causes Ines Rau supports include diversity, women’s rights, and transgender rights.

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