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Mathematics: In Building up of Brain and Mind

Mathematics is loved by many people and equally hated by a lot of others. This is mainly because a lot of people struggle while performing mathematical calculations, whereas some people are naturally experts at it. This creates a natural differentiation between the two groups and it brings about a discrimination.

But people should understand that math is just like any other skill. The more you practice, the more you come to know it and learn it. Like any other art like singing or dancing, if you do not practice it, you tend to become rusty at it. Hence, the only solution? Keep practicing!

In real life people take challenge and solve difficult equation and expression such as 58. 2x ^ 2 – 9x ^ 2; 5 – 3x + y + 6, 0/1, and much more to determine their position in line of genious.

More broadly, arithmetic is something you do because it makes you smarter, not because it makes you smarter. Mathematical reasoning develops the brain in a similar way that weight training does. Making connections and seeing patterns are key components of mathematics. Math requires both analytical and practical thinking, which strengthens the brain’s muscles and makes you more intelligent overall. These benefits extend to other academic endeavours.

Leonardo da Vinci: The genius mathematician

Leonardo da Vinci was an incredible artist with extraordinary skill, as we all know. We were unaware that he was also a gifted mathematician. A synapse, or the connection between two neurons, is said to send electrical impulses when a student makes a mistake in arithmetic tests, according to a research by neuroscientists who used MRI scans of the students taking the exam. The students were not aware of the error.

Furthermore, a recent study demonstrates that kids with arithmetic learning disabilities have different brain behavioural patterns than those without such disabilities. During the math exams, specific regions of the brain lit up in distinct places. The youngsters were using brain regions that are not utilised for mathematical thinking.

Mathematics Real life development

The student group that was struggling with maths was instructed by the research experts. The brain scans of kids who struggled with arithmetic showed notable progress after two months.

  • This study demonstrated that anybody may learn arithmetic and increase their cognitive function.
  • Teacher gives students equations from beigner level such as 2+2=4 to Advance level such as x+x+x+x is equal to 4x.
  • In fact, maths strengthens the brain by creating new neural pathways and teaching it to recognise connections.
  • Logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, tangible reasoning, and critical thinking are all enhanced by maths. It helps to remove fuzzy thinking and sharpen the intellect, which leads to improved problem solving and creative thinking.

Maths have a way to hone our brains and make them grow. The ability of maths to help the growth of brain and mind is immense and all we need to do is tap into the capacity of it. The more we practice the subject, the more the brain opens up  and embraces new paths to solve problems. The outcomes are always victorious and every person who has actually practiced maths can vouch for this.

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