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New Year, New Virtual Office Backgrounds

The new year can present opportunities to look more professional or take your branding strategy to the next level. A custom virtual background is the easiest way to change how you appear to other participants in virtual meetings. Find out how to look more professional and promote your business by adding your company logo to your favorite background design.

Improve your branding in the new year by customizing a virtual background design with your business logo. You can create a free background with a watermark, upgrade to premium office backgrounds or get a package of 25 premium backgrounds that you can customize with the logo of your company.

All you need to do to add your logo to a virtual office background is upload a high-resolution logo image on a transparent background. Preview your custom background, download the image file and find out how to change Zoom background by taking a few simple steps. You can select a single background to use year round or invest in a package of backgrounds to vary the appearance of your surroundings seasonally or for different types of virtual events.

Seasonal Backgrounds

Seasonal backgrounds are one of the best ways to make your background look timely or festive around the holidays. You can start the year with The Gingerbread House, a winter-themed background that depicts a home office, or Winter Morning, which is a seasonal office background. If you prefer backgrounds with more cozy surroundings for casual meetings or calls, consider using A Frosty Home or Let It Snow as your background.

As the year progresses, you can switch your Zoom virtual office background to other seasonal designs such as Autumn Is Here, Bright Halloween, Corporate Fall or Pumpkin Patch. You can also find Christmas-themed backgrounds that feature holiday decorations, including the Christmas Night, Company Christmas, Cozy Christmas or Urban Holidays backgrounds.

International Offices

Office designs inspired by international locations are popular choices at any time of year. Browse a wide variety of locations from Bangkok and Barcelona to Vancouver and Vegas. Some international office backgrounds, such as Dallas, Denver, London and Seoul, feature skyline views.

Most international office backgrounds feature decor and color schemes inspired by different locations. You can select the background that best represents the culture and values of your business or that matches your logo design. Every international office design is customizable, which makes it easy to create a Zoom background with company logo.

Look Professional In the New Year

No matter which virtual background you choose, office backgrounds can help you start off the year looking professional. Simply select your favorite background design and customize the background to display your business logo during meetings. Whether you prefer seasonal or international backgrounds, a background that has a color scheme that matches your logo or the virtual office with your favorite interior design, you can upgrade to a package of premium offices to choose from a wide variety of virtual backgrounds in the new year.

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