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The Shively Animal Hospital Shooting Incident Will Shock You!

On Wednesday, the grand jury decided not to bring charges against the pet owner who shot besides killed Trent Taylor at the Shively Animal Hospital Shooting. The shooter requested self-defence, but Taylor’s family said the fatal force was not justified.

Shively Police Department’s video from inside the clinic sheds more light on what happened. The shooting took place outside, which has no cameras, but nowadays, we can see exactly what led up to it. The woman involved first showed up at the surgery at 6:14 p.m. on May 14.

They exchange with a staff member for a few minutes, and nothing gives the impression of being out of the ordinary.

What is the Actual Shively Animal Hospital Shooting incident?

At 6:23 p.m., the woman who future pulled the trigger gave her purse to the woman she stood with and then sauntered into the hallway. You cannot see what’s fashionable in the hallway, but from another camera, you can see Taylor’s mom consecutively toward the woman. They start shoving each other.

The woman fields the purse and tries pulling the first woman away since Taylor’s mom seems to be attempting to calm her down.

At the same time, Taylor walked in through the Shively Animal Hospital shooting door. After more arguments are exchanged, Taylor takes off his gloves; in addition, while the woman’s back is turned, he hits her and turns away.

The woman grips her purse back, takes out a gun in place of Taylor, and continues to come back, hitting and jolting her. You can get her to approach Taylor, but he conclusions the door on her, so she puts the gun vertebral in her purse.

In an additional video from a customer in Shively Animal Hospital Shooting, you can hear what’s being said. Someone repeatedly yelled, “Your kid completed a decision,” and another person said, “TJ is making it worse.”

You can get both women walking out the front door when Taylor lobs a traffic cone at them. You cannot see precisely what is happening outside, but you can see a scuffle down the door.

What are the incidents?

The report thought one person witnessed Taylor push the woman in white contrary to the wall with his forearm contrary to her throat. Another witness said he had her in a headlock and was punching her.

The final thing the video expresses is the woman shooting Taylor just outside the gate. After he was shot, Taylor was agreed aid and brought confidential.

All of this occurred in about 13 minutes. Though the female stood not charged unlawfully, the household thought they would be in exploration of civil care.

Accused Person

The man accused of shooting and killing an employee at the Shively Animal Clinic in May determined not to be indicted on any custody, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

Trent Taylor, 21, was shot and slain at the animal surgery on May 14.

Attorney Gerina D. Whether said a Jefferson County Grand Jury painstaking second-degree manslaughter and reckless murder charges against the woman who shot Taylor but found there was not enough evidence to support those charges.

WHAS11 has chosen not to release the woman’s name in place of she has not been charged on any charges.

“The sign in the case demonstrated that Trent Taylor was potshot and killed afterwards he remained the initial aggressor against [her] besides her spouse,” Whethers said in a newsflash release on Wednesday.

While the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office said evidence points to Taylor being the initial aggressor, TJ’s father, Trent Taylor Sr., said that is not who his son was.

More Statements

 “I know he was not the aggressor. All they were trying to do was get this woman to leave,” Taylor Sr. said. “He should be here right now. I should not be walking around with memorial tattoos [and] with an empty bedroom. My son was a great kid.”

The Commonwealth’s Attorney Office thought there is video evidence besides several witness statements that show Taylor starting “various levels of violent force” past to the shelling.

“The various video angles besides witness statements show Taylor striking the woman besides attacking [her] spouse, and witnesses stated those he slammed her spouse against a wall besides had his arm across her throat,” Weathers said.

The Taylor family’s attorney, David Mour, believes there’s more to what happened than what is captured on tape!

Mour thought the Taylor family plans to sleeve a civil suit against the female who shot TJ soon.

“My son stayed killed ended a dog,” Taylor Sr. said. “A dog.” 


The Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney willpower not pursue charges counter to the woman who shot and killed a Shively Animal Clinic operative at the business last month, citing signal that showed the shooter stood substitute in self-defense.


Q1. What are the injuries in veterinary practice?

Injuries can comprise repetitive strain injuries (RSI), spinal pain, neck problems, migraines, besides muscle strains. 

Q2. What happened to TJ Taylor?

Impartial yesterday, a client rejected to pay their bill, and Trent Taylor, likewise known as “TJ,” was shot in the abdomen while tiresome to protect his coworkers, his household, and his MOTHER, who also the lot there, from the aggressive client. 

Q3. Who is Timothy Taylor’s drummer?

(born August 8, 1985) is an American musician. He is the timpanist of the hard rock crew SOiL. He is the former drummer of the rock band Tantric.

Q4. Do dogs bite when injured?

Dogs might bite because they are not feeling well. They could be sick and sore due to injury or illness and might want to be left alone. Dogs might also nip and bite during play.

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