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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Sales Job Descriptions that Convert

Attracting top talent is crucial when building a sales team. But with a sea of generic job descriptions flooding the applicant pool, how do you ensure yours stands out and reels in the rainmakers you need? 

Crafting a compelling sales job description is an art, and mastering it can make the difference between a trickle of unqualified resumes and an avalanche of all-star candidates. This guide will equip you with the tools and strategies to write descriptions that convert, turning passive job seekers into enthusiastic applicants.

Paint a Vivid Picture of Success 

Most job descriptions fall into the trap of simply listing responsibilities. They forget that candidates are looking for more than just a laundry list of tasks. Instead, paint a vivid picture of what success looks like in this role. 

Describe the impact this salesperson will have on the company. Will they be cracking new markets? Forging strategic partnerships? Saving struggling accounts? Highlight the specific challenges they’ll conquer and the rewards that await them.  Make it clear that this isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to make a real difference. 

For example, instead of stating “responsible for generating leads and closing deals,” you could say: “Imagine taking a revolutionary product and placing it in the hands of industry leaders. As our Sales Champion, you’ll identify high-growth prospects, craft compelling value propositions, and secure deals that propel us to market dominance. This is a role for the go-getter who thrives on exceeding targets and leaving their mark.”

Speak the Language of Salespeople 

Salespeople are a unique breed. They’re driven, competitive, and motivated by a desire to win.  Your job description needs to speak their language. Highlight the opportunity for commission, bonuses, and performance-based incentives. Showcase the company culture that fosters healthy competition and celebrates achievement. Let them know they will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who push each other to new heights. This is crucial because most job seekers prioritize a positive company culture when seeking a new role.

For instance, don’t just state “competitive salary and benefits package.” Craft a sentence that gets their heart racing: “Unleash your earning potential with a commission structure that rewards ambition. Top performers can expect to shatter quotas and take home industry-leading compensation packages.  Here, your success is directly linked to your hustle, and we celebrate those who break the mold.”

Embrace Transparency: Culture, Team, and You 

In today’s job market, candidates are just as interested in the company culture and team dynamic as they are in the specific role. Don’t shy away from showcasing your company’s unique personality. Is your environment fast-paced and collaborative? Do you prioritize work-life balance and offer flexible schedules? Let your description reflect the atmosphere where this salesperson will thrive.

Introduce the team they’ll be working with. Briefly describe their achievements, personalities, and what makes them a great group to be a part of. This transparency builds trust and allows potential candidates to envision fitting into the team dynamic. 

Here’s an example: “At our company, we believe that laughter and results go hand in hand. Our sales team is a melting pot of high achievers who are as dedicated to crushing targets as they are to Friday afternoon team outings. You’ll be mentored by seasoned veterans passionate about sharing their knowledge and watching others succeed.”

Partner with a Sales Recruitment Firm 

While crafting a stellar description is crucial, sometimes you need extra muscle to reach the top talent pool. Sales recruitment firms specialize in identifying and attracting high-performing salespeople. They deeply understand the sales landscape, specific industry needs, and the unique skill sets required for success. 

For instance, as NYC’s largest sales recruitment firm, Sales Talent Agency can significantly expand your reach and ensure you’re attracting candidates who are a perfect fit for your company culture and sales goals. Think of a sales recruitment firm as an extension of your HR department, specifically focusing on unearthing top sales talent. They can write compelling job descriptions tailored to your ideal candidate while leveraging their network and expertise to identify passive job seekers who might not be actively searching but possess the exact skills and experience you need.

Keywords Matter, But Don’t Obsess 

Search engines attract qualified candidates, so incorporating relevant keywords into your job description is essential.  However, don’t prioritize keywords over readability.  Stuffing your description with robotic jargon will only deter potential applicants.  Instead, write a compelling narrative that showcases the opportunity and resonates with high-performing salespeople.  The right keywords will naturally weave into the text as you describe the role, qualifications, and company culture. 

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