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3 Ways: How to Get Rid of Stress in Communication With People

Tension when interacting with others is often a barrier to further growth and development. Sometimes it can be so difficult to understand each other that it leads to devastation, irritation, and stress. Let’s find out how to make communication easy and enjoyable.

Acceptance of Your Position

This technique will help you avoid stress when communicating with superiors or those you perceive to be at a higher level. It’s simple. There is no need to try to look better than you are. The person opposite has already been through this stage and knows all the ulterior motives and possible experiences. Honesty in communications is the main trump card that relieves tension as greatly as https://22bet.com/mobile or a cup of hot tea. Open dialog without pretense and innuendo gives a lot of advantages when communicating in the modern world. Today, directness, sincerity, and transparency of intentions are highly valued, especially in business contacts, where it’s so important to trust partners and employees.

Broadcasting Self-confidence

It’s difficult to hide your state of mind from perceptive interlocutors — it’s literally read from the biofield. You can even say nothing, but behavior and kinesthetics can tell a lot. Therefore, you need to watch facial expressions, movements, and gestures. People can interpret body language differently, and this affects the communication process. For example, even an unfortunate pose sometimes makes others feel that they are being deceived. If you want to demonstrate confidence, it’s advisable to maintain eye contact with your interlocutor and avoid body positions that indicate confusion or anxiety. During a conversation on the go, you shouldn’t keep your hands in your pockets and walk at a fast pace — let the gait be smooth and measured. To show a sincere disposition, try to smile, avoid closed poses, and keep friendly. If the communication is unpleasant for you, you need to end it as soon as possible.

Looking at Yourself Through the Eyes of the Other Person

Try asking yourself what you would like to look like in the eyes of your interlocutor. In a practical sense, it’s much easier to observe others than yourself. To do this, you just need to disconnect from your own thoughts and follow the words and gestures of the one who is next to you. It’s much more difficult to control your reactions strictly. Why? Because a person cannot treat himself impartially. Still, try to stand in someone else’s shoes, to understand the motivation of others. In other words, learn to think more broadly, control your emotions and adequately evaluate your actions. This will help make a good impression and make the conversation really pleasant.

Protection From Stress During Communication

Not all communication is effective and useful. Interaction with some people has negative consequences:

  • Spoils the mood for a long time.
  • Lowers self-esteem.
  • Causes a loss of energy.
  • Instills feelings of guilt.

It isn’t always possible to stop such contacts, for example, if they are related to work or family. In this case, you will have to find ways to protect your psyche from tension.

  • Keep an emotional distance, behave neutrally and indifferently.
  • Don’t enter into discussions, do not provoke quarrels.
  • Think through the conversation in advance to conduct it according to your own scenario.
  • Don’t react to complaints and reproaches.
  • Don’t allow personal boundaries to be violated, set time limits.
  • Stop attempts of manipulation, pressure, insults.
  • Learn not to take offenses to heart and shift attention to other things.

The ability to properly build communication is one of the most important skills for a successful life. The main thing is to maintain sincerity, empathy and trust in people. And then you will definitely be heard and understood.

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