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7 Keys to Beautiful Church Signs and Effective Church Communication

The Bible is teeming with references to signs. Prophets assure that the Lord will send a sign, believers seek signs, and pivotal moments and revelations are often hailed as signs. Fast forward to today, and signs continue to hold significance for the faithful. Beyond the spiritual signs discussed in the Bible, it’s worth considering the value of church signs. They go beyond mere functionality and serve as a means to connect with your congregation and draw new families to your church.

Delving into the History of Church Signs

From the opening chapter of Genesis to the words of Revelations, signs play a pivotal role in the Bible. While the majority of these references focus on spiritual signs, recent years have witnessed many churches embracing physical signs. In the past, church signs mainly fulfilled the practical role of reminding parishioners about service start times and special events. However, over time, pastors and church boards have tapped into their creativity, transforming these signs into more than just informational tools.

Exploring Outdoor Church Signs

When it comes to outdoor church signs, they play a crucial role in not only notifying passersby of a church’s presence but also conveying valuable information about services and events. More than just practical, these signs provide a glimpse into the character of the church. Let’s delve into some of the most popular types:

Light Box Signs

Description: These signs are illuminated to grab attention, showcasing a static message that typically includes your church name, artwork, and other relevant details.

Purpose: Draws attention while conveying essential information about your church.

Outdoor LED Signs

Description: These signs can be either standalone LED displays or a combination of an LED screen and a permanent light box featuring your church name and logo.

Purpose: Offers a dynamic way to showcase information, combining visuals and text for effective communication.

Changeable Letter Signs

Description: The changeable letter section allows manual updates with your preferred messages, while the lightbox area displays your church’s name and graphics. Choose between an extended message space or prioritize a larger static message.

Purpose: Provides flexibility for displaying various messages, keeping the sign content fresh and engaging.

Monument Signs

Description: These signs complement the traditional architecture of churches, featuring a masonry-inspired frame that accommodates a light box sign, an outdoor changeable letter sign, or an LED display.

Purpose: Blends aesthetics with functionality, seamlessly integrating with the church’s architectural style.

Understanding the nuances of each type allows churches to choose a sign that not only serves its practical purpose but also aligns with the church’s identity and message.

LED Church Signs When Compared to Other Church Sign Options

When it comes to selecting the right sign for your church, one of the key decisions revolves around choosing between LED church signs and more traditional options like changeable letter and light box signs. Often referred to as digital church signs, LEDs may come with a higher price tag, but they represent a lasting investment in your church. These electronic wonders allow you to plan and schedule messages in advance, offering the convenience of remote message uploads. What sets them apart is the ability to share videos and various media, effortlessly switching between sources with just a tap. Churches not only utilize digital signs outdoors to convey messages but also create captivating media walls inside using electronic church signs to enhance their overall communication strategy.

Elevating Your Church Sign: Transitioning from Text to LED

If your church currently sports a changeable letter sign or another traditional type, making the leap to an LED sign opens up a host of added features. There’s potential to save on costs by incorporating the pedestal or other existing elements into your new LED sign. Our team of sign specialists is here to guide you through the process, helping you identify what to retain, what to replace, and what components are worth upgrading.

Captivating Church Sign Messages

Crafting compelling church sign sayings is a fantastic way to infuse enthusiasm into praise and worship while showcasing your church community’s distinctive personality. Beyond creating an uplifting atmosphere, the right church sayings can elicit laughter and smiles from passersby. Of course, these messages serve a dual purpose by conveying essential information as well. Churches employ a diverse range of messages, spanning from poignant Bible verses to lighthearted jokes, puns, and practical alerts. To make the most significant impact, consider selecting sayings that resonate with your core audience, and you might even want to invite your congregation to pitch in their ideas.

The Price Tag: How Much Does Church Signage Cost?

If you’re in the market for a church sign, you’re likely curious about the associated costs. The price range can be quite diverse, contingent on the type of sign you opt for. As a general guideline, the more advanced features a sign incorporates, the higher the price. Changeable letter signs and light box signs typically come with a more budget-friendly price tag compared to LED church signs. However, it’s important to note that even within these categories, prices can fluctuate based on factors such as sign size, pedestal height, intricacy of artwork, and various other considerations.

Unveiling the Power of Marketing with the Use of Church Signs

Harnessing the potential of church sign marketing can yield remarkable results. Many churches have experienced a surge in attendance shortly after installing their signs. Traditional advertising in print media or on TV can be pricey, and it offers just one shot to convey your message. On the flip side, leveraging a church sign for advertising allows you the flexibility to alter messages and reuse the sign multiple times.

Opting for an LED church sign opens up a realm of possibilities for church marketing ideas. From injecting humor with funny church sign sayings to sharing videos and displaying live social media feeds, the options are diverse. Furthermore, you can configure the sign to showcase different messages throughout the day, catering to various audiences. For example, tailor one message for attendees of morning Bible study classes and another to catch the eye of potential members driving by after a long, stressful day at work.


The significance of church signs extends far beyond mere informational tools. As we’ve explored the diverse types of custom outdoor church signs and the impactful transition from traditional to LED signage, it becomes evident that these visual beacons play a crucial role in shaping a church’s identity and fostering connections with the community. The various types, from lightbox signs to LED displays, each bring unique strengths to the table, offering churches an opportunity to communicate effectively and creatively.

Moreover, delving into the realm of church sign sayings reveals their capacity to not only convey important messages but also evoke emotions, laughter, and a sense of community. Crafting compelling messages becomes a form of art, inviting congregations to actively participate in the dialogue. Additionally, understanding the cost considerations and the practical aspects of church sign marketing highlights the strategic investment churches make to amplify their outreach.

As churches embrace the dynamic features of LED signs and explore innovative marketing ideas, the communication landscape continues to evolve. Ultimately, church signs stand as powerful tools, not only guiding the way to a place of worship but also shaping a narrative that resonates with both the faithful and those seeking a spiritual connection in an ever-changing world.

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