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8 Extravagant Cakes To Celebrate Special Moments With Family

Family is the first priority for everyone in the world. Family is always there for us when we need them, so it is our responsibility to make them happy every chance we get. If there is some celebration or occasion in your family, celebrate it with them, buy a delicious cake, get them some gifts, and appreciate their love and affection for you.

Cakes are like a symbol of celebrations; there might be some occasions when cakes are not ordered, but most of them demand a cake. When a family sits together normally at the table and has a cup of tea, a piece of cake can change the simple gathering into a small celebration.

Why Celebrate Everything With Family?

There is a reason why we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals with family. Celebrations become an excuse to gather our whole family together if they all love each other. When something good happens, the first thing you do is inform your family about it, as it makes you happy, too. For those types of celebrations only, there are some cakes mentioned here that you can eat with your parents:

1] Regular Cakes

Regular cakes, as the name itself suggests, these cakes are not related to any special occasions. These regular cakes are for any random day when you want some dessert after a meal. Whenever you feel like it, you can get these cakes for your parents and other family members to make the day special. Regular cakes are also cheaper than other designer cakes available in the market.

2] Chocolate Flavoured Cake

Simple chocolate-flavored cakes would have been a marvel for the mouth a few years ago. Now, with tons of varieties available on websites and with seamless services of cake delivery in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and all around the country, chocolate is the best flavour to go for.

There are so many types of chocolate cakes that it’s hard even to count them. And here are some hand-picked yet evergreen chocolate cake you can think about to order on a special occasion:

  • Black-forest cake
  • Chocolate-truffle cake
  • Choco swirl cake
  • Chocolate jar cakes
  • Choco vanilla flavored cake, etc

3] Butterscotch Cake

You can order a butterscotch cake on any special occasion you like. A butterscotch cake will be a delight for your parents on occasions like their birthdays or anniversaries. There are tons of options for a butterscotch cake that you can order online or even at your nearest store. Some of them are here:

  • Butterscotch jar cake
  • Butterscotch fondness cake
  • Personalized butterscotch cakes
  • Snapchat filter photo cakes

4] 1st Birthday Cake

If you have a function for a baby’s first birthday in your family, then what’s the better occasion for a cake? 1st birthday cakes are specially made with designs, photos of the kid, and some lovely messages written on the cake. If you have a baby shower or a baby’s 1st birthday in your family, then you can get some of these cakes for them:

  • Pinky-peppa pig cake
  • Choco kit-kat cream cake
  • Out of space 1st, baby cake
  • Disney Mickey poster cake
  • Tom and Jerry’s Bday cake

5] Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are specially for Birthdays and anniversaries of parents and other family members. Photo cakes can be personalized as per the customers while ordering the cake. Photo cakes are quite popular these days among young couples, and they can be suited well among your parents.

6] Kid Themed Cakes

If there are kids in your family or your kids have birthdays, this may be the time to celebrate the occasion with a kid-themed cake. Kid-themed cakes are popular among kids these days. There are quite a lot of options for kids in these cakes to make their favorite cartoons, or players come to reality for them.

7] Fruit Cakes

Fruit cakes are a healthy alternative to normal cakes, as they contain fruit slices. Some types of fruit cakes are only flavored like fruits but don’t actually have fruits in them. These fresh fruit cakes are one of the best ones available online to buy for picnics, small celebrations, and small trips with your family.

8] Eggless Cakes

Eggless cakes are now an option for pure vegetarians, as it’s not made using eggs as an ingredient. These eggless cakes can be an alternative to your parents’ cake without egg problems. When you are looking for vegetarian cakes, this eggless cake is the best option for you. It does have a different taste than other cakes. In fact, it has the same texture and smell as other cakes, too.


When looking to celebrate your random happiness with family, a delicious cake might be the best option for dessert after a meal. Cakes can be an unhealthy food option for some people, but for most of us, cakes are just a marvel for our mouths. The texture, the mouthwatering taste, and the satisfaction you get after eating a cake are just amazing. Celebrate any occasion with your family, buy them a cake, and throw away all the stress.

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