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JNB is your gateway to affordable education and accommodation. If you are a student from Andhra Pradesh and are in search of a convenient way to access the JNB portal then you need not look any further. Here you will find all the information that you need regarding the process of accessing the JNB portal, applying for the JNB scholarship and so on.

What is JNB?

JNB is also known as the Jnanabhumi scholarship. It is a program that has been initiated by the state government of Andhra Pradesh to provide affordable education as well as housing to students from economically weak backgrounds. This scheme is aimed towards students studying or seeking to study in residential schools in Andhra Pradesh.

Accessing the JNB Portal

In order to access the JNB Nivas Login Portal follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go on to a web browser of your preference and enter the URL for JNB log in in the address bar.
  2. Enter your credentials (username and password) on the login page and click on the “Login” button to access your account.

You can visit the official website of JNB For more information and a detailed guide at Residential Schools & Hostels (access.in)

How to Apply for the JNB Scholarship

If you wish to apply for the JNB scholarship, you can let the following steps guide you through the process:

  1. Visit the official website of Jnanabhumi at Jnana Bhumi (ap.gov.in).
  2. Enter your login credentials after clicking on the “Student Login” button
  3. Go on to the “Scholarship” tab after you have logged in and then select the “JNB scholarship”
  4. Fill in all the required details and then upload all the necessary documents.
  5. Click on the “Submit” button and your application process is now complete.

Required Documents for JNB Scholarship

You are going to need the following documents when applying for the JNB scholarship:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Student’s bank account details
  • Passbook first-page information
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • Bonafide certificate

For any further information on the JNB scholarship and the requisite documents, visit the official website of Jnanabhumi at JnanaBhumi (ap.gov.in).


Q1. Who is eligible for the JNB Ni vas scholarship?

  1. Students with families who have an economically weak background who are studying or seeking to study in residential schools in Andhra Pradesh are eligible.

Q2. What is the official website of JNB?

  1. The official website of JNB is Residential Schools & Hostels (apcfss.in)

Q3. How can I apply for the JNB scholarship?

  1. You can visit the official website of Jnanabhumi and follow the application process 

The JNB scheme is an ambitious and commendable initiative by the state government of Andhra Pradesh, aimed at providing support for students in need. You can follow the steps outlined above and easily access the JNB portal and apply for the scholarship, coming another step closer to achieving your academic goals.

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