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Force Traveller 26 Seater Price, Mileage & Reviews

The Force Traveller 26 Seater Price stands out as a versatile and famous choice for passenger transportation in India, serving diverse purposes consisting of tourism, company journey, and school transportation. Let’s delve into a complete evaluate of this business vehicle, covering its specs, key functions, pricing, and overall performance.

Force Traveller 26 Seater Price

The Force Traveller 26 Seater Bus is to be had in various configurations, catering to particular desires. The ex-showroom prices are as follows:

  • Standard:Rs. 10.87 lacs
  • School Bus: Rs. 11.17 lacs
  • Deluxe (Air-conditioned): Rs. 1378 lacs
  • On Road Price: Rs. 14.00 Lakh
  • CNG Variant: Rs. 19.42 Lakh
  • Second Hand: Depending at the model condition
  • Price in Nepal: Rs. 42,25,000/-
  • EMI: Rs. 27,082 according to month for a tenure of 60 month

Price in Guwahati:  Rs. 14.00 Lakh – 19.

  • 42 Lakh/-

The Force Traveller 26 Seater boasts numerous key functions that contribute to its reputation:

  • Lowest Centre of Gravity: Ensuring fine-in-elegance handling and stability.
  • Lowest Floor Height: Facilitating ease of entry and exit.

Car-like NVH Levels: Providing a comfortable journey with minimal noise, vibrations, and harshness.

  • 2 x 2 Seating Configuration: Offering convenience for passengers.
  • Ergonomic Dashboard: A new driver-friendly design for advanced management.
  • Hatrack Option: Available for added comfort.
  • Reliability: Top-elegance reliability with good sized elements and provider guide.


The Force Traveller 26 Seater demonstrates commendable gasoline performance, turning in 9 kmpl on highways and 8 kmpl in town situations. With a typical mileage of about 17 km consistent with litres, it efficiently balances energy and the economic system. This financial overall performance is especially wonderful for businesses engaged in passenger transportation, imparting a value-effective answer for long-distance journeys and city commuting. The car’s ability to cowl full-size distances on an unmarried litre of gasoline contributes to its appeal, making it a realistic desire for operators seeking both reliability and gas savings of their business fleet.


The Force Traveller 26 Seater functions a powerful FM three.2 CR engine with a five-cylinder commonplace rail, generating 115hp at 2800 rpm and 320 Nm torque at 1400-2400 rpm. It complies with BS-IV emission standards and offers a synchromesh transmission with five ahead and 1 opposite tools. The 26+D seating potential, low centre of gravity, and vehicle-like NVH degrees decorate stability and luxury. With dimensions of 6770mm period, 2225mm width, and 2670mm peak (2870mm with AC), it guarantees handy entry and exit. The vehicle’s strong layout, reliable overall performance, and aggressive pricing make it a sought-after preference in the commercial vehicle marketplace.


The Force Traveller 26 Seater earns approval for its versatility in passenger transportation. With a sturdy 2.Five-liter diesel engine, it delivers 102 BHP, accomplishing a top velocity of a hundred and ten km/h. Impressively, it achieves a gasoline performance of as much as 17 kmpl. The 2×2 seating, sliding glass home windows, and aircon make a contribution to a comfortable adventure. Popular for reliability, this business car is well-appeared for its position in tourism, company journey, and faculty transportation.

About Force Traveler 26Seater Bus

The Force Traveller 26 is a flexible commercial car designed for reliability and performance. Boasting a monocoque body, it ensures protection and a clean experience. Powered by means of the FM 2.6 CR Powertrain engine, it strikes a stability between strength and gas performance, with a capacity ranging from 15 to 25 seats. The 2×2 seating configuration, sliding glass home windows, and air conditioning beautify passenger comfort. Its low middle of gravity, ergonomic dashboard, and top-notch reliability, supported by countrywide elements and provider network, make the Force Traveller 26 a famous desire for various applications, together with tourism, corporate tour, and items transport.


 The Force Traveller 26 Seater emerges as a commendable preference inside the realm of business automobiles, imparting a blend of reliability, comfort, and performance. With a strong design, superior features, and various pricing alternatives, it caters to diverse needs, from faculty transportation to corporate tour. The automobile’s effective engine, thoughtful design, and pinnacle-notch protection capabilities make it a standout in its class. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on highways, the Force Traveller 26 Seater gives you a compelling bundle for those in search of a reliable and flexible solution for their transportation requirements.


Q1. 1. What is the fuel performance of the Force Traveller 26 Seater?

The Force Traveller 26 Seater demonstrates a commendable gasoline performance, delivering 9 kmpl on highways and 8 kmpl in town conditions, with a normal mileage of about 17 km per litre.

2. What are the key features that make contributions to the recognition of the Force Traveller 26 Seater?

 Key capabilities encompass the lowest middle of gravity for most efficient coping with, low ground peak for clean access and go out, automobile-like NVH stages for a snug trip, 2 x 2 seating configuration, ergonomic dashboard layout, hatrack option, and top-elegance reliability with full-size elements and carrier help.

3. What are the pricing options available for the Force Traveller 26 Seater?

The pricing varies based on configurations, which include Standard, School Bus, Deluxe (Air-conditioned), CNG Variant, and Second Hand. Prices variety from Rs. 10.87 lacs to Rs. 19.Forty two Lakh, with an on-avenue fee of Rs. 14.00 Lakh.

4. What is the seating potential and engine specifications of the Force Traveller 26 Seater?

The automobile functions as a 26+D seating capability, powered by a FM 3.2 CR engine with 115hp at 2800 rpm and 320 Nm torque at 1400-2400 rpm. It complies with BS-IV emission requirements and gives a synchromesh transmission with five forward and 1 reverse gear.

5. In which packages is the Force Traveller 26 Seater generally used?

The Force Traveller 26 Seater is versatile and usually utilised in diverse applications, consisting of tourism, corporate tour, and college transportation. Its design, functions, and reliability make it appropriate for various industrial transportation wishes.

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