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How Did Curious George Die? What Happened?


The books about Curious George describe the adventures of the naughty monkey and his best friend, the Man in the Yellow Hat.

The curiosity of George often leads him into trouble, but his innocent nature and kind heart engage readers. For decades, how did curious George die has been a beloved character of childhood, but what exactly happened to him? Well, his story is a sad one.

Who Was Curious George

Curious George was a fictional monkey and the title character of a book series of popular children’s picture books written by H. A. Rey and Margret and illustrated by Alan Shalleck. Different media, including TV shows and films, have been based upon the original series of books.

Husband and wife team H. A. and Margret Rey created the character Curious George. The pair fled Nazi

Germany in 1941, taking the original script of Curious George with them.

George is described as “a good and naughty little monkey, and was always very curious”. Despite being known as a monkey throughout the series, he is illustrated without a tail. In the very first book, George is captured by “The Man in the Yellow Hat” & taken to America from Africa where these two live together. The Man in the Yellow Hat and George become best friends and are shown together going on adventures.

The first appearance of George was as a monkey whose name was “Fifi” in the book by Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys, which was published in France during late 1939. The popularity of this character led Rey to feature the character “George” in his own series.

The Reys eventually settled in the USA where they published their books about the beloved monkey. The books were based on the adventures of Curious George, a curious monkey who often got into trouble. Despite his audacity, George always finds his solution out of trouble.

How Did Curious George Die

As per the reports, on the morning of 25th April, Curious George was looking out of the window of the apartment of “The Man in the Yellow Hat”, when he suddenly noticed a mysterious van outside the apartment. The van, labelled as free candy and belonged to the child molester Vanna White, who used the van to kidnap the children. Since George was not human so he has left aside.

Later, his best friend , The Man in the Yellow Hat, woke up from the power nap and noticedhow did curious george die. The day before, George had made quite a mess in his apartment, which had already put him on edge. He decided to go out to find George and at 6:60 in the morning he found him humping at a fire hydrant.

Upon witnessing the behaviour of George, The Man in Yellow Hat was both infuriated and embarrassed. 

His pent-up frustration reached its peak and he lashed out in anger.

Out of the rage, The Man in Yellow Hat stabbed the driver of the bus 37 times in his chest and took control of the bus, and made the U-turn at 69th & Blaze Streets in Mt. Slinccy, where a bus crushed all the bones of George. Surveillance cameras captured The Man in  Yellow Hat sniffing the bone marrow of George as the evidence of his death.

The Legacy of Curious George

Despite the sad end of his life, how did curious george die will always be remembered as the beloved character who brought laughter and joy to children around the world. 

Curious George has been a beloved and a unique character for more than 80 years, he first appeared in Cecily G. and Nine Monkeys in late 1938, and George legacy continues to live on. His mischievous antics and curious nature will always live on in his fans’ hearts.

Curious George has become an icon for children’s literature, inspiring the generations of children to learn and explore more about the world.


In conclusion, The question that has been on many lips in recent times is a heart-wrenching one: how did curious George die remains open as it should be . For decades, the naughty little monkey named Curious George has been a popular and beloved figure in children’s literature. It was written by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey. The series were based on the adventures of Curious George, a curious monkey who often got into trouble. Despite his audacity, George always finds his solution out of trouble.


Q – 1 What happened to the Curious George in the end?

Answer: Finally at the book’s end, The Man in the Yellow Hat leaves Curious George at the zoo, but the readers very well know he won’t stay there very long.

Q – 2 How did Curious George, the monkey die?

Answer: George, the naughty monkey, reportedly died due to a bus crushing all the bones of George.

Q – 3 What happened to Curious George’s creator?

Answer: Rey died on 21st  December at her Cambridge home after suffering a heart attack for three weeks.

Q – 4 Was the Man in Yellow Hat a poacher?

Answer: The Man in Yellow Hat was a gun-toting poacher, rather than an eco-tourist.

Q – 5 Is there any girl in Curious George?

Answer: Allie is the 5-year-old girl, granddaughter of Renkins, who was first introduced in the “George Meets Allie-Whoops!”

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