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Mural has raised $50M for its series C at $2B

Mural 50M Series 2B

The largest provider of digital workspaces for supervised visual collaboration in the industry.

Mural, has closed a $50 million Series C fundraising round, which was backed by Tiger Global and Insight Partners, two previous backers. This investment takes the company’s total capital to over $200 million and values it at more than $2 billion following its $118 million Series B round in August 2020.

The CEO of Mural will receive direction from Ryan Smith, the founder and executive chairman of Qualtrics and an active investor since the business’ Series B financing.

According to Bill Veghte, “Simply put, Mural makes it easier to innovate, connect, and interact both within and across teams—during every stage of the process, from product development to customer engagement to staff meetings to board meetings. In a way that is just as essential to the workplace as PowerPoint and spreadsheets, Mural alters brainstorming and teamwork. Working with Mariano and the Mural team to facilitate this shift is a privilege.”

In contrast to conventional collaboration platforms, the Mural platform encourages enterprise teamwork through supervised visual collaboration. The tool can be utilized by teams working on products, consulting, leadership, innovation, technology, sales, and customer success, among others, to generate ideas and co-create new things in a digital workspace. Mural’s enterprise-grade software enables this kind of teamwork at any time and from any location with the security and controls necessary by the most sophisticated international corporations.

Enterprise teams can collaborate remotely with Mural’s guide visual collaboration. Mariano Suarez-Battan, co-founder and CEO of Mural, said, “The global leadership offsite at Thought works was modified to allow for remote participation. The intensely engaged and collaborative atmosphere of an in-person session was something they wanted to keep.

They found that Mural 50M 2B facilitated a range of crucial activities with an emphasis on strategic planning, including prioritizing, group voting, and retrospective sessions. This reduced travel costs made asynchronous participation possible, and accelerated the program.”

The mural is a platform that a number of big organizations, including IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Booz Allen Hamilton, Publicis Sapient, SAP, and Atlassian, utilize to foster graphic team collaboration. They employ facilitation to encourage team engagement and imagination as well as visual tools to direct their collaborative work.

“Mural assists hundreds of business teams in organizing productive workshops and gatherings. These teams may now innovate more quickly than ever before from ideation “stated Tiger Global Partner John Curtis. “Organizations may totally rethink what it means to collaborate with one another thanks to Mural’s platform and best-in-class member services. A team’s ideas can now actually come to life, be sculpted by techniques and skilled facilitators, and be transformed into concrete plans of action. This is being accomplished through Mural, and it’s just the beginning.”

“The adoption of digital-first visual collaboration with Mural last year helped teams redefine how they connect and collaborate creatively. As businesses transition to a new hybrid way of working, Mural is now in a good position to make it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate from any location, according to Jeff Lieberman, managing director at Insight Partners. “Additionally, their team has been using Mural for board and workshop sessions. Our Mural gatherings are considerably more interesting and enjoyable.”

With the additional funding, Mural intends to advance platform development to accommodate remote and hybrid workforces. This features brand-new software integrations with Atlassian, Webex by Cisco, Zoom Video Communications, Inc., and Microsoft Teams. These integrations and additional ones to come to guarantee that teamwork is still available and inclusive from wherever.

Additionally, the funds will be used to support programs for the tens of thousands of facilitators, team leaders, and Agile and design thinking experts who make up the growing Mural community. Pioneers in visual collaboration—Mural refers to them as “PlaymakersTM”—will be assisted by these programs in sharing strategies, playbooks, and best practices while learning from one another.

The company also plans to increase its global go-to-market initiatives and make additional progress toward its hiring goals.

About Mural

For facilitated visual collaboration in businesses, Mural is the top provider of digital workspaces. The Mural platform enhances teamwork by making workshops and meetings interactive experiences aimed at problem-solving, play, and imagination, as opposed to online whiteboarding and design tools. To develop, strategize, plan, and reflect, they make use of guided visual approaches and Facilitation Superpowers characteristics. The platform allows for the mass deployment of templates and playbooks for particularly challenging and sophisticated collaboration.


Who is the CEO of Mural? 

Mariano Suarez-Battan.

For which have the funds been raised? 

Series C.

How much funds have been raised for Mural’s Series C?

$50 Million.

What was the valuation of Mural after fundraising?

$ 2 Billion.

What is Mural’s total capital worth?

Over $ 200 Million.

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