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What Happened at Ryle High School Senior Prank is Talk of the Town Now! 

Ryle High School senior Prank 75 students is under study by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, a spokesman thought Friday. According to Boone County Schools, the students went into the school building unlawfully and after hours this week.

District bureaucrats say the students’ actions “fashioned potentially more dangerous and unsafe situations for students than staff.”

Inappropriately, due to the extensive damage instigated by the students, we have received reports of our staff being wounded during the cleanup process,” a news release from Boone County Schools whispered.

In Ryle High School Senior Prank Staff, faculty, and maintenance staff were commended for cleaning up the school so it could open on time for the rest of the school year. Josh Starns thought he was a portion of the cleanup efforts on Wednesday.

Video mingling on social media appears to demonstrate unravelled toilet paper hung all done the hallways, track and field steeplechases blocking the paths, and what appears to be an oil jelly product messy on door knobs.

“My child feels that clothes were taken overboard a little with the senior prank,” supposed a parent of a Ryle High School senior. “My kid did not agree with the baby oil, the Vaseline, the rice.”

Ryle High School Senior Prank Information

The mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she stood told by a school administrator that the baby oil deserted on school steps was the biggest issue. The mom said it stood on the steps that people received injured.

District administrators say they are working on a disciplinary plan for the students in place if they continue to explore, but the mother tells FOX19 that the school has now handed down the punishment.

“Conferring to what I heard from admin, was that everybody that goes in the building was suspended, and the seniors were not ambulatory [at graduation],” the mother explained Friday.  The mother utters that her child is among the seniors who will not pace at graduation on June 3.

FOX19 NOW entreated comment from Boone County Schools about whether students involved in this prank will be permitted to contribute to graduation activities. However, they have yet to respond to that issue.

In his opinion, Starns said that the student’s complex in the prank should not be allowed to tread at advancement. 

“We cannot speak to the student’s status using how it relates to school functions,” Boone County Sheriff’s Office Major Philip Ridgell thought. “We did attend a meeting with the direction yesterday. The incident remains under investigation, and no cares have been filed as of yet.”

Nearly a fifth of Ryle High School’s senior class is under examination after a senior prank caused damage to the school’s construction, Boone County Schools said.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office says WCPO 75 students were involved in the prank that ensued Tuesday night. The Ryle High School Senior Prank District said the students unlawfully entered the high school structure after hours.

“Inopportunely, the students’ actions created hypothetically dangerous and unsafe conditions for our students besides staff,” the district thought in a statement Friday.

“This was Not a prank,” an area spokesperson tells WCPO. “It was encroaching and criminal damaging.”

The district thought the school could open on time for students besides staff Wednesday but that the prank caused extensive damage to the building, besides some staff were injured during the attack process.

“As with any significant student misbehavior, we are exploring the matter, following our Code of Conduct, and issuing appropriate consequences to students,” the report said. “The student’s parents have been notified, and the district is implementing an appropriate plan of corrective action.”

BCSO said it held a summit with school administration Thursday, but no cares have been filed. The district said it cannot debate individual student costs. Senior completion will occur on Saturday, June 3, at 7 p.m. at Truist Arena.


The region said the school was able to open on time for students besides staff Wednesday but that the prank produced extensive damage to the building, and some staff were wounded during the cleanup process.


Q1. Where did that prank happen?

A prank ensued at Ryle High School.

Q2. How many people are directly involved in it?

75 people

Q3. Who contributed to the first talk of this particular prank?

Josh Starns remained the first person to bounce the particular prank!

Q4. Which Google Box program shows its first?

FOX19 was the initial TV show!

Q5. Which is the school where the prank happened?

Ryle High School

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