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The Aftermath of Covid – Processes You Need to Keep as a Business

We all know that Covid turned our world upside down. It was like when you’re making pancakes and you flip them too early, leaving a sticky mess on the ceiling. Well, that sticky mess is exactly what Covid left us with.

But now that it’s slowly fading away (fingers crossed), we’re left wondering what things will stay with us, and which ones will be thrown out like that terrible hairstyle you had in high school. We mean, come on, frosted tips were never a good look.

But let’s focus on the good things that have come out of this pandemic, shall we? For businesses, there are definitely some changes worth keeping. And no, we’re not talking about those weekly Zoom meetings that could have just been an email.

First and foremost, contactless payments and deliveries are here to stay. Let’s be real, who wants to touch dirty cash or stand in line for hours at the store? Not us. Plus, it’s more hygienic and efficient for businesses too. Win-win.

Another process worth keeping is the abundance of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers everywhere. Seriously, have you ever felt so clean in your life? We’ve been sanitising our hands more than a germaphobe and you know what? We’re not mad about it. Having that extra layer of protection from those pesky germs? It’s like having a personal bodyguard against the microscopic world.

And let’s not forget about working from home. Who knew that our couch could also double as our office? We’ve been rocking sweatpants and slippers in meetings for a long time now, and we’re not ready to part with that level of comfort just yet. Also, remote work has been proven to boost productivity and save businesses big bucks on office space.

While we slammed Zoom jokingly just now, it’s worth keeping virtual meetings with clients and suppliers when possible. It saves time, money, and the environment (less emissions from travel). What’s more, you can mute yourself and no one will know if you’re eating a sandwich during the meeting. Why make your client travel to your office when a virtual meeting works just as well? Of course, leave physical meetings an option for those who prefer this route.

Lastly, we must embrace the power of flexibility for both customers and employees. Covid has shown us that life can take unexpected turns, and businesses must be agile enough to pirouette in the face of change. Offering flexible options such as online shopping, virtual customer service, and work-from-home options shows that a business is able to pivot in unexpected situations.

Overall, Covid may have been a sticky mess, but it’s also taught us some valuable lessons. So let’s hold on to these new processes and continue to adapt as the world slowly returns to a new normal. So, let’s raise our bottles of hand sanitiser and toast to moving forward in a more efficient, hygienic, and flexible business world. Cheers! You’re not supposed to be drinking the sanitiser by the way, choose a nice healthy drink instead!

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