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What are the Latest Luxury Rental Car Models in Dubai?

If you wish to experience the grandeur and glamor of Dubai, renting a high end luxury car is a great idea. Do you know, people in Dubai are smitten by magnificent cars? You will find a variety of such cars cruising along the streets of Dubai. The Dubai luxury car rental offers a plethora of options with regards to models, brands and features. Regardless of the occasion, by renting a luxury car you can create unforgettable memories of your Dubai trip. The comfort, style and vibe of these cars is exceptional. 

Let us check out the most sought-after luxury cars offered by car rental services in Dubai:

Audi Q8 2023

Audi is a top luxury car brand with a distinct reputation in the world. The Audi Q8 2023 model is a perfect blend of the sedan features and SUV capabilities. With a raked roofline, exaggerated face and chiseled surfing characteristics, the Audi AQ redefines beauty and luxury in the true sense. The car can accommodate 5 passengers and 3 bags for longer and comfortable journeys. The daily booking charge of this car starts at AED 900. The weekly and monthly charges are around AED 5,250 and AED 22,000 respectively.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2024

Another Dubai luxury car renting is the Bentley Continental GT Convertible. This car is a preferred choice of superstars, athletes and other celebrities. The car has a stylish build and a high performance engine. The car includes features like cruise control, parking assist, digital HUD, 3D surround camera, etc. With a 6.1 L engine capacity, the car can fit 4 passengers and 1 bag. The starting rental price of the Bentley Continental GT Convertible on a daily basis is AED 3,500. For weekly and monthly rental, you need to pay an approximate amount of AED 21,000 and AED 70,000 respectively.

Mercedes Benz AMG G63 2021

If you are looking for an ultimate luxury car rental in Dubai with a stunning look, the Mercedes Benz AMG G63 is your car. The car can accommodate a total of 5 passengers and 2 large bags. It has a twin turbo 5.5 L V8 powering 563 hp and 561 lb-ft. The overall performance and handling of this car is top notch. The Mercedes Benz AMG G63 is perfect to navigate through the dazzling streets of Dubai. Expect to attract a lot of attention and glances while cruising on this beast. Book this car at a starting price of AED 1,800 on a per day basis. For weekly booking the price is around AED 10,800 and monthly cost is AED 39,000.  

Lamborghini Urus 2021

Lamborghini Urus is among the top luxury sports cars for rent in Dubai. Whether you are out for a family vacation or going with a group of friends, this car is best for longer journeys. The can can fit 5 passengers and 2 bags. It has an expandable boot space of 616 liters. The amazing Lamborghini Urus has the capacity of sprinting from 0-100 kmph in just 3.9 seconds. It indeed is one of the fastest sports car models in Dubai. The starting rental price of this car is AED 2,999 on a per day basis. For weekly and monthly rental, the prices are AED 19,600 and AED 54,900. 

BMW 740Li 2020

A discussion on Dubai rental cars luxury is incomplete without the mention of BMW. Known as a top luxury car brand, BMW features high performance, flexible handling and easy driving dynamics. The BMW 740Li 2024 model is infused with a 3.0L engine capacity powering 320 horses and 450 Nm of twisting force. It offers seating for 5 people and accommodates 2 bags in its expandable boot. The starting price for booking this car on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are AED 800, AED 5,000 and AED 14,999. 


If you’re looking to experience luxury and style on the roads of Dubai, renting a Porsche is an excellent choice. Several rental services in Dubai, such as Octane Rent and Silverstone Rent a Car, offer a range of Porsche models, including the Porsche 911, Cayenne, Boxster, and Panamera. With 24/7 delivery options and competitive prices, it’s a seamless process to indulge in the thrill of driving a Porsche in the extravagant city of Dubai. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply want to elevate your travel experience, a Porsche rent Dubai is an accessible and luxurious option

When in Dubai, why miss out on luxury and excitement? Dubai rental cars luxury is the perfect way to experience the lavish lifestyle of this opulent city. To rent the best luxury car opt for OneClickDrive, an exclusive market place for car rental in the UAE. Check out the website for further details.  

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