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What is Menopause? Things you Should Know

Menopause is nothing but a stage where your menstrual cycle ends after a long period when it started. There are times when we miss the period for a month or so! That cannot be counted as a stage where you have reached the menopause. It generally happens for women who are aged between 50 and above. The number does not claim to be true; It depends and varies depending on the person’s age, body factor, and a lot more.

If you are above 50+ years old, make sure to check your period cycle now and then. When you have not had your periods continuously for 12 months, which is a year, then that particular stage is called the Menopause stage. Also, this is not a disease or disorder. This is not a disease or disorder, it is completely natural. The natural biological process occurs for every woman, and just like you have got your first-period cycle in the initial stages of your life. Especially in the time of menopause, taking menopause supplements can help better.

Symptoms of Being in the Menopause Stage:

1.     Irregular Periods:

This is going to be the first stage, which will help you know what is happening in your body. It is okay if it skips for a month, when it happens continuously for 3 and 4, then it’s time to identify.

2.     Weight Gain:

As we all know, irregular periods can lead to gaining weight; So, it is important to check your weight now and then, so that they are not drastically increased. Make sure to keep your body active, no matter what the situation is!

3.     Mood Swings:

Like we get every month during the menstrual cycle, it happens during the phase where you miss your periods too! This is also a case, where you can get to know that you are in the stage of menopause.

4.     Hot Flashes:

This is nothing but feeling immensely hot in a particular part of your body, especially the upper part of the body. There are times when you get intensely hot on the face, neck, and even in the chest area.

5.     Loss in Energy:

This is also one of the most common symptoms that every woman during her menopause stage would feel. No matter what, it is important to keep yourself active and indulge yourself in some day-to-day activities like walking, yoga, exercise, and more.

Along with the above symptoms, there are a lot more like vaginal dryness, chill, night sweats, and more. Even if this is something normal, it is important to take care of yourself well especially during the initial stage of menopause, since they will damage the body when the care is not enough!

So, the right kind of food, care, and workout is needed to take care of your body. There are times when your body looks for additional care like medications and supplements. Menoveda, is an Indian brand for menopause with Ayurvedic menopause supplements, which have been made by the natural products available in mother nature, considering the health and positive effect on your body.

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