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Why Are Athletes Using Cold Therapy Machines?

While training, athletes aim to reduce recovery time, injury, and pain. Doing so allows them to increase their intensity and productivity for the most progress in their sport. One of the ways they do this is through cold therapy.

Cold therapy machines like the Breg Polar Care allow athletes to use this practice easily and effectively. Cold therapy machines are a safe and effective way to help aid recovery in targeted parts of the body. This article will inform you about what a cold therapy machine is and why athletes are beginning to use it for their training.

What is a Cold Therapy Machine, and How Does It Help?

A cold therapy machine, also known as a cryotherapy machine, is a device that delivers cold therapy to a specific area of the body. It typically consists of a reservoir for ice water, a pump to circulate cold water through a pad or wrap, and controls to adjust the temperature flow rate.

Minimize Muscle Damage and Inflammation

By lowering the temperature of muscle tissue, cold therapy can help prevent or minimize muscle damage that may occur during physical activities. The deep cold constricts blood vessels and decreases blood flow to the target area, reducing inflammation and swelling caused by strenuous exercise or injuries.

Compression of the muscle further reduces swelling and allows the cold temperature to penetrate deeper and last longer, increasing recovery process efficiency. Cold therapy machines also quickly remove lactate from the body, diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Reduced in Pain

Cold therapy machines decrease pain by numbing nerve endings and slowing down transmission between the body and brain. This can allow athletes to perform better and help them rely less on pain medication during their recovery, reducing the risk of side effects associated with such drugs.

The Convenience of Cold Therapy Machines Like the Breg Polar Care Wave

Using ice packs, especially on certain areas like the knee and shoulder, can be challenging. Cold therapy machines can be used almost anywhere on the body without being held or adjusted. Often portable, they allow athletes to use them at home or while traveling, ensuring they can continue their recovery process anywhere.

Ice packs must also be stored in a freezer, taking up space and long periods to reach a desired temperature. Cold therapy machines like the Breg Polar Care Wave offer a hassle-free alternative, providing consistent, controlled temperature without melting ice.

Safety and Effectiveness

Cold therapy machines have been clinically proven more effective than ice therapy alone. When used correctly, they are safer, with fewer chances of frostbite or nerve damage due to prolonged exposure to the cold. With compression and an even cold distribution, they can penetrate deeper and have more prolonged effects for recovery.

In Conclusion

Cold therapy machines like the Breg Polar Care Wave represent a pivotal advancement in sports recovery, offering athletes a safe, effective, and convenient method to enhance performance. Their ability to deliver consistent, targeted cold therapy, coupled with compression, helps in significantly diminishing pain and swelling, facilitating a quicker return to training. Given their proven benefits, these machines are essential to an athlete’s recovery arsenal.

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