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Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood: Biography, Life Story and Much More

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood: One of Lisa Marie Presley’s famed twin daughters is quite a private individual despite her notable lineage. Together with her twin sister, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, she matures and starts to look dissimilar, but their substantial bond remains unchanged.

As granddaughters of the well-known Presley family, Harper and her sisters consciously choose to lead a down-to-earth life, much like regular folks. At 15, Harper and her sister often avoid the civic spotlight. Yet, the paparazzi frequently capture them engaging in average activities like going to the mall with their father beside their sister. Now, let us glimpse Harper’s life from her viewpoint.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood Biography

Harper was born on October 10, 2008, underneath the Libra zodiac sign, and she and her sister were understood to be miracles. During their birth, their mother, the well-known Lisa Marie Presley (the granddaughter of the well-known musician Elvis Presley), and their father, Michael Lockwood, were tangled in a tumultuous divorce that covered years.

harper vivienne ann lockwood parents

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood derived up in Thousand Oaks, California, and while she is an American citizen, she boasts mixed ethnicities, including German, English, Norwegian, and Scots-Irish roots. Her natural brown hair and azure eyes make her a beauty to behold. Tragically, in 2023, her mother passed away, and since then, Harper and her sister have mainly resided with their grandmother, Priscilla Presley, occasionally outlay time with their father, a decision that Lisa Marie would likely have upset with strongly.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s Age, Height, and Weight

Harper and Finley Lockwood, born around February 1, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., is an American singer-songwriter besides daughter of Elvis Presley. Discover Harper besides Finley Lockwood’s Biography, Age, Elevation, Physical Stats, Seeing/Affairs, Family, besides career updates. Learn How rich she is this year and how She spends money. Also, study how She earned most of her net worth at 52 years old.

Harper’s Early Life

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s paternities are musicians and songwriters Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood. She has also had two older half-siblings since her mother’s previous relationships. Michael Lockwood was Lisa Marie’s fourth husband, and she had two children named Riley and Benjamin Keough since her prior marriage. Even though they are half-siblings, Harper and her twin sister Finley have a deep bond with their older siblings. Sadly, their 27-year-old older brother passed away in 2020.

Harper Parents’ Divorce

Lisa Marie Presley trooped for divorce from her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, after a decade of marriage. His possession of self-taken child pornography provoked this divorce. She sought full caring custody of her daughters and declined nuptial support for them.

The divorce records were protracted and contentious, spanning six extended years. Lisa Marie also alleged that Michael had fiscally exploited her during their marriage and was in dire financial straits. This acrimonious divorce took its toll on Harper and Finley during their determinative years.

Harper’s Net Worth

Inopportunely, Harper’s net worth hasn’t been overtly revealed. The celebrity kid is only 14; therefore, she is still chasing her education and hasn’t been offered any business or career. 

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s Instagram

While Harper and her sister have several fan pages on Instagram, they do not preserve personal Instagram or social media books. They prefer to keep a low profile and are irregularly photographed by paparazzi purely by happenstance.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s Fast Truths Who is Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood? Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is an American superstar child known as the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and the granddaughter of Elvis Presley. How old is Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood? Harper is 14 years old by way of 2023. She was innate on October 7, 2008, in Thousand Oaks, California.


She is the third grandchild of Elvis Presley (late) besides Priscilla Presley. Even though her family is famous for its significant contribution to the American entertainment industry, Harper is immobile young and hasn’t forged any particular career path. Nearby Rob Lowe, He is among the maximum talented and well-known traits in the United States. He dresses the hats of an actor, filmmaker and podcast hoist. He has appeared in well-known pictures and shows such as A New Kind of Family, The Outsiders, besides Brothers & Sisters. Rob Lowe is a force to be reckoned with in the American entertainment business. Apart from being an entertainer, he is a good surfer, a talent he learned in his 40s. In addition, he is a role model and inspiration for upcoming actors!


Q1. Who gets Lisa Marie’s money?

After Lisa Marie died in 2023, Graceland and her trust were congenital by her daughters, Keough and Harper, besides Finley Lockwood.

Q2. Did Elvis and Priscilla have a good relationship?

Forty-five years after the rock ‘n’ roll star’s death in 1977 at the stage of 42, Elvis and Priscilla’s love story is currently to be told. “It was a good life,” Priscilla expressed to People about their romance in 2021. 

Q3. What is going on with Lisa Marie Presley?

Presley expired at a Los Angeles hospital, where she had remained rushed by paramedics responding to a 911 call of a female in cardiac arrest at her home. 

Q4. Did Elvis love Lisa Marie?

He loved her but was never required to get married. Elvis certainly had a wonderful connection with the daughter he adored.

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